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Danny BoyMay 29, 2021
Danny Boy
May 29, 2021

Danny Boy is our first Brittany breed of dog and he has been an unforgettable experience from the first day we brought him to our home.

We obtained Danny Boy from Deer Haven Brittanys located in Virginia. Danny Boy is a well adjusted puppy and already housebroken when we brought him home. We highly recommend Deer Haven Brittanys to anyone considering a Brittany puppy.

On May 28, 2021, Ray met the breeder in Virginia to pick up Danny Boy, who was almost 2 months old. Although Ray had various stuffed toys for Danny Boy, Danny Boy was tired and ready for his nap when it was time to go to his new home. Danny Boy insisted on climbing onto Ray’s lap, where he slept all the way home. At his new home, we introduced Danny Boy to our other dog, Kassie, a Havanese, taking them for a walk together outside our fence yard, then inside our fenced yard and finally brought them into our house together. Danny Boy and Kassie adapted very well to each other.

We have found the Brittany to be a high energy breed of dog, with seemingly boundless levels of energy. As a puppy, it seems they go at the 100% energy level until they drop off to 0% energy level when they go to sleep. Danny Boy would be active for about 2-3 hours and then sleep for 2-3 hours. At night, Danny Boy would sleep for about 4-5 hours before we needed to take him outside so he could do his “business”. And they love to chew anything and everything (including your hands and arms) with their needle-sharp puppy teeth, so it is wise to have stuffed toys and other suitable puppy toys during their teething period.

Although we considered Danny Boy to be already housebroken when we brought him home, we practiced what we refer to as our 5-minute rule. We would take Danny Boy outside to do his “business” within 5 minutes of his waking up and again within 5 minutes of his finishing a meal. Of course, we would be watchful for any tell-tale signs that Danny Boy had to do his “business” and we would immediately take him outside so he could relieve himself. Danny Boy would always give warning signs when he needed to relieve himself, we just needed to be cognizant of his warning signs.

We noticed that after about 4 months of age, Danny Boy has started to settle down from his constant 100% energy level activities and his teething urges have lessened considerably. Most Brittany owners advise the Brittany become very affectionate dogs, especially by about 6 months of age. We have noticed the increase of affection with Danny Boy, who just turned 5 months old, as he likes it when his “pack” (our family) is together and not separated.

And yes, he usually sleeps in bed with us!